To Hell With Poverty (re-mix) Gang Of Four / Laylow Posse EMI 1991

Pomegranate (LP) Ashley Maher Virgin 1991 Co-writing / Production / Guitars

Frinigro Interstellar (EP) Keziah Jones  Delabel 1991 Production

Blufunk Is A Fact! (LP)  Keziah Jones Delabel, Virgin France S.A. 1992  Guitars / Production

Stumbling Block  Ashley Maher (Remix) Virgin 1992

Where’s Life? (Single)¬† Keziah Jones Delabel 1992 Guitars / Production

Rhythm Is Love (Single) Keziah Jones Virgin France 1992  Guitars /Production

Live Ritz N.Y.C 86 (LP) Iggy Pop Revenge Records 1992 Guitars

Soul Murder (LP) Barry Adamson  Mute Records Ltd. 1992 Guitars

Still Life With Guitar (LP) Kevin Ayers Permanent Records 1992 Guitars

Beethoven Was Deaf (LP) Alien Sex Fiend His Master’s Voice 1993¬† Production

Tongue Tied/Red Dwarf Theme (Single) The Cat EMI Records, EMI 1993 Guitars / Engineering

Inside Out (Single) Shara Nelson Chrysalis 1993 Co-writing / Guitars

What Silence Knows (LP) Shara Nelson Cooltempo 1993 Co-writing / Guitars

Births Marriages And Deaths (LP) The Tiger Lillies, Misery Guts Music 1994 Production

Outside – The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper Cycle (LP) David Bowie BMG 1995 Co-writing / Guitars

Thru’ These Architects Eyes (Single) David Bowie BMG Arista 1995 Guitars

Million Miles From Home (Single) Keziah Jones  Delabel 1995 Production

Good Thing (Single) Eternal 1995 EMI Guitars

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